Our owner, Fraida Aland, has enjoyed fine antiques since childhood when her home was decorated with antiques.

In 19__ Fraida fulfilled a lifelong dream. She opened Rare Finds Ltd.® with a friend. In 19__ she became the full owner.

Fraida selects each and every antique in the shop personally during her quarterly visits to England (and occasionally to Scotland and France).

In 19__the shop moved to the current location. When you visit the shop, you will notice immediately that it has the look and feel of the English countryside. Feel free to browse at any time.

The shop has been described as “a great source for designers.”

The antiques are packed and shipped to Chicago by an English company with long experience in the careful handling of antiques; cleared through U.S. customs; delivered to our warehouse to be unpacked; and delivered to the shop.

Fraida is guided by a simple and straightforward principle: “I will select an antique for my shop only if I would be proud to have that antique in my own home.”


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